Executive Search

Reeves Recruiting™ dovetails the savvy of top biopharma, biotech, and medical device recruiters with many of the resources of a full-blown RPO.

What we do

When circumstances call for the discretion, gravitas, and connections of a seasoned headhunter your choice of recruiting partner is critically important.

Reeves Recruiting serves the special needs of biopharma, biotech, and medical device employers who want access a menu of on-demand direct recruiting services up to, and including, retained search and guaranteed placement.

Our Process

Our intake process is designed to ensure that your recruiting objectives are clear and attainable and that our scope of work, sourcing strategy, reporting protocols, and deliverables, etc., are seamlessly aligned.

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Executive Search

Our practice areas include:

  • Names generation and qualification;
  • Multi-faceted candidate sourcing;
  • Candidate profiling and shortlists;
  • Applicant screening, assessment, and scheduling;
  • Shortlisted, pre-screened, qualified, active, and engaged candidates;
  • Employment contracts and negotiation; and
  • Offers, placement, and relocation.

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