Diversity Job Boards

If there are biopharma, biotech and medical device job boards or sites posting jobs for inclusive-orientated employers that should be included, please let us know.

Our Assessment

If diversity job boards support biopharma, biotech, and/or medical device employers who want to attract a protected class—that is any group who may face workplace discrimination because of their gender, ethnicity, being differently abled, and/or sexual orientation, etc.—then the trend toward inclusive workplaces—that is creating a workforce where a sense of belonging regardless of one's protected status is more important—continues to trend upward.

Diversity job boards may not be as prominent today as they once were. However, diversity job boards still have a use for many biopharma, biotech, and medical device employers. Traditional processes, default behaviors and compliance concerns may have helped slow the decline of diversity job boards in recent years. To be expected but disappointing to see, so few sites provide any original content crafted for a truly diverse demographic.

We have broadened our focus to include sites or lists that feature employers for their commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace environment. We have also included sites where, with a little bit of digging, employment and networking opportunities for diversity job seekers and minority candidates can be found.

Our Ratings

No stars mean we find the site has little to no use. Five stars mean we think the site is awesome! Decide for yourself...

Association for Women in Science

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) serves more than 20,000 women working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. These professionals are dedicated to achieving equity and full participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors.

As with many of the association job boards built on the yourmembership platform, the results for biopharma, biotech, and medical device job seekers is disappointing, despite companies like Roche, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Thermo Fisher Scientific being featured employers (yet no jobs posted).

AWIS Job Search
We rate it:      

Diversity Biotech Jobs

BioSpace publishes this site. We rated BioSpace highly in our review of industry job boards and for good reason—BioSpace has valuable assets like a solid job board and frequently updated news, editorial and RSS feeds.

BioSpace has an excellent archive of diversity-related posts and advice, a partial directory of diversity organizations, etc.

Diversity Biotech Job Search
We rate it:      


IndustryInc is along-standing and well-respected publication online and in print.

DiversityInc is a resource for topical research, job search, and careers advice. Although the number of jobs posted by biopharma, biotech, and medical device employers are relatively few (try subscribing to their RSS feed instead), DiversityInc has other job seeking tools such as lists of award-winning employers like:

DiversityInc Job Search
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HBCU Career Center

The HBCU Career Center's mission is to be an advocate for America's diverse and often underrepresented students and alumni seeking career and professional success.

A careers section addresses basic needs while jobs posted for biopharma, biotech and/or medical device job seekers are relatively few and far between (and often quite old).

Job Search
We rate it:      


HBCU CONNECT is an online publication and resource for the community of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The search interface is confusing. We suggest going directly to the Advanced Search option and define your search with the drop down options. Other than that, the search results were impressive.

Job Search
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This is what they say: "Search for pharmaceutical and biotech jobs from across the U.S along with news and information specific to America's leading pharmaceutical companies with a desire to create a diverse and culturally rich workforce."

The site is powered by HealthJobs.com. As a result, without very specific search terms the results are mostly irrelevant. Using the refinement tool can help narrow search results down to biotech and biopharma employers. Nothing in the posts or company profiles indicates a diversity-specific focus.

Job Search
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Prospanica Job Board

The Prospanica Job Board is published by National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), said to be the premier Hispanic business organization which serves more than 25,000 members.

Part of NSHMBA's goal is to provide a deeper pool of diversity and inclusion candidates for companies including Fortune 500's. For biopharma, biotech, and medical device employers its Prospanica Job Board fails spectaculary.

Prospanica Job Search
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National Organization for Diversity in Sales and Marketing (NODSM)

The National Organization for Diversity in Sales and Marketing is a professional membership organization that wants to help employers diversify their sales and marketing talent. We found the site falls short of this purpose.

99% of posts are scraped from the web then sorted by industry. This makes the site of limited use for serious diversity candidates or recruiters.

NODSM Job Search
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US Diversity

US Diversity claims not to aggregate job postings from other websites and that "...every job you will find was uniquely placed on this career site, by the company, for the sole purpose of finding good, talented diverse candidates."

While the sites claim's may be true we found that most jobs could be found on several other more popular sites. We also found a sampling of jobs make no reference to diversity recruiting per se. Compared with other US Diversity categories, Biotech jobs are relatively few.

Job Search
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Women In Bio

Women In Bio is an organization of professionals committed to promoting careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences.

The site requires log-in to access any possibly meaningful data in the careers section. Jobs from a variety of employers.Many of these are from outside of the biopharma and biotech space (the site is powered by the Professional Diversity Network).

WIB Career Center
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