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Curated by humans

There is a ton of information available for job-seekers online. The problem is that is scattered all over the place. And, once you do land on a site there is no telling how good it will be. Anyone who has seriously engaged in a job search knows what a huge waste of time it can be trying to find the best industry, careers, and jobs information.

Because we have real, live editors doing the research for you—pointing you to the best career resources online—we not only save you time and effort but give you a competitive edge too.

How "We rate it."

There are a lot of factors that we take into account when rating a resource. For example, does a job board have exclusive, paid posts or are jobs scraped from other sites; how up-to-date and useful is the careers-related content; is the site industry-specific; how easy is the site to use (for example, is it mobile-friendly), etc. While our comments reflect an editorial view, we provide all the links for you to follow so you can decide for yourself.